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Marine Warranty Management

Scott Marine Consultants provide Marine Warranty Management Services which ensures that the marine warranty surveyors are properly managed, MWS comments are clearly understood and potential issues are adequately communicated to relevant parties to minimise an operation not being delayed due to lack of approval from the Marine Warranty Surveyor.

Scott Marine Consultants employees have experience working as Marine Warranty Surveyors in all capacities from acting as project manager to engineering and procedure document reviews and offshore attendances.

The Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS) plays an important part in any offshore construction project. The role is often misconceived and when the MWS is not properly incorporated to a project team can be seen as a hindrance rather than an asset. Often, contractually, the contractor is not able to proceed until the MWS has approved the operation to be conducted. This, if not managed effectively can lead to significant delays including missing weather windows. This not only can create conflict within the project but also incur significant financial consequences.

The benefits of engaging Scott Marine Services for Marine Warranty Management include:

  • Achieving the most benefit from Marine Warranty Surveying Company;

  • As required management of communications between developer, MWS and contractor;

  • Review of comment sheets and comment responses prior to submission to contractor and MWS to ensure minimum number of document reviews which can be time intensive;

  • As needed conflict management between employer, MWS or contractor;

  • As needed advice on Marine Warranty Surveying;

  • Independent minuting of meetings between contractor and MWS and action logs.

Typical operations that Scott Marine Consultants can assist with include:

  • Complete wind farm installation

  • Array and Export Cable operations;

  • WTG installation;

  • Foundation installation;

  • Mooring hook-up;

  • Tidal energy devices;

  • Monopile installation;

  • Operations and maintenance;

  • Interconnector installation and maintenance;

  • Subsea power cables;

  • Floating wind installation & maintenance;

  • Substation installation.

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