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Project Risk Reviews

Every offshore location has its own unique challenges and opportunities, some of which may not initially be evident when considering an offshore renewable energy location. The success of a project can be heavily dependent on the constructability of the development and the capability of the vessels available to the market.

Scott Marine Consultants provide risk reviews at an early involvement stage to inform all stake holders about challenges and opportunities for a given location. The risk review considers many aspects including:

  • Port suitability and availability;

  • Weather conditions on site;

  • Suitability of vessels for given site;

  • Construction vessel operability;

  • Emerging technology;

  • Bathymetry and Water depths (if available);

  • Construction methods;

  • Turbine and foundation type;

  • Tidal restrictions;

  • Vessel limitations;

  • O&M.

Typical operations that Scott Marine Consultants can assist with include:


  • Complete Wind farm installation;

  • Tidal Energy Projects;

  • Subsea Cable Projects;

  • Novel Technology;

  • Cargo Transhipments;

  • Logistics Projects

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