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Project Troubleshooting

An offshore construction project can be an extremely complex system. To maximise the efficiency and reduce the risk of something going wrong, it is critical that all stakeholders perform as expected. On occasions, all parties may be performing as required contractually but a particular issue is causing delays that had not been anticipated. In this situation the developer may incur additional expenses above and beyond what had been expected.

Scott Marine Consultants offer independent Project Troubleshooting services including:

  • Identification of issues leading to project delays;

  • Post project lessons learnt identification;

  • Poor operability improvement identification;

  • Operability improvement solutions;

  • Weather operability consultancy;

  • Vessel suitability assessments;

  • Repair feasibility studies and reviews;

  • Incident investigation.

Typical operations that Scott Marine Consultants can assist with include:

  • Complete wind farm installation

  • Array and export Cable operations;

  • WTG installation;

  • Foundation installation;

  • Mooring hook-up;

  • Tidal energy devices;

  • Monopile installation;

  • Operations and maintenance;

  • Interconnector installation and maintenance;

  • Subsea power cables;

  • Floating wind installation & maintenance;

  • Substation installation.

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