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Root Cause Analysis

When an incident or undesired event occurs, it is important to understand the prior chain of events. Not only is it important to know what the events were, it is also important to know what decisions were made that led to the incident and why they were made so that such an incident does not happen again. This does not only apply to individual incidents but can also be true for ongoing situations which lead to poor productivity and/or projects facing significant delays and additional costs.

Scott Marine Consultants provides detailed root cause analyses which allow for a full history of events to be compiled and clearly presented showing what the contributory factors were that led to an incident or undesired event. This not only bestows confidence that such an event can be mitigated in the future, but also highlights any practices which may be unsafe or unacceptable.

Typical operations that Scott Marine Consultants can assist with include:

  • Complete wind farm installation;

  • Array and export Cable operations;

  • WTG installation;

  • Foundation installation;

  • Mooring hook-up;

  • Tidal energy devices;

  • Monopile installation;

  • Operations and Maintenance;

  • Interconnector installation and maintenance;

  • Subsea power cables;

  • Floating wind installation & maintenance;

  • Substation installation.

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