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Technical Due Diligence

Scott Marine Consultants can work with renewable energy developers to conduct technical due diligence on all matters relating to marine operations. Tenders and proposals from different stakeholders can be reviewed to ensure that they are reasonable and can be achieved by the tendering party. The reduces the risk of issues further down the line e.g. under performing subcontractors or variations to operations that would never have been achieved.

By instructing Scott Marine Consultants to perform technical due diligence, the risk of unconstructive contractual negotiations can be reduced thus mitigating delays and significant cost over runs. Scott Marine Consultants can work side by side with wind farm developers and contractors at all stages to minimise risk and increase efficiency.   

Typical operations that Scott Marine Consultants can assist with include:


  • Complete Wind farm installation

  • Array and Export Cable operations;

  • WTG installation;

  • Foundation installation;

  • Mooring hook-up;

  • Tidal energy devices;

  • Monopile installation;

  • Operations and Maintenance;

  • Interconnector installation and maintenance;

  • Subsea power cables;

  • Floating wind installation & maintenance;

  • Substation installation.

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