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Third-Party Reviews

If required, Scott Marine Consultants can perform independent third-party reviews on all procedures and engineering documentation as needed. These reviews can be conducted at a high level or a more detailed level as required by the client.


Third-party reviews give the client the confidence that engineering and procedures are being conducted in accordance with relevant industry guidelines and best industry practice. Scott Marine Consultants provide comment sheets and can attend meetings with document authors to clarify any outstanding issues.   

Typical operations that Scott Marine Consultants can assist with include:


  • Complete wind farm installation

  • Array and export Cable operations;

  • WTG installation;

  • Foundation installation;

  • Mooring hook-up;

  • Tidal energy devices;

  • Monopile installation;

  • Operations and Maintenance;

  • Interconnector installation and maintenance;

  • Subsea power cables;

  • Floating wind installation & maintenance;

  • Substation installation.

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